Our services

Zeocars offers a wide range of services for all vehicle types. You’re guaranteed comprehensive and professional services in the shortest possible time and total reliability of the work performed. Because for us it is not just a job, but a passion!

Zeocars offers thelatest generation of oven-baked paintwork using water-based PPG Max Meyer products because the quality of products, technology and process is not just an aesthetic fact.

Glass replacement
Car windows and glass can be damaged to a greater or lesser extent, which could compromise their structural integrity and create a serious driving hazard. We assess the damage to your windscreen and evaluate the best solution, repair or replacement.

Vehicle polishing, washing and interior cleaning
Car polishing is a treatment that can perfectly restore the surface of the vehicle, achieving excellent results regardless of its “age”, the degree of deterioration, the type of defects or how numerous they are.

Complete damage management
Maximum transparency and expertise when assessing damage repair even considering that each model has its own characteristics that require specific procedures and technologies to be repaired.

Direct agreement with insurance companies
We manage all the technical and administrative procedures aimed at defining the damage and its settlement with your insurance company with full autonomy.

Hail repair (dent removal)
Hail, small bumps in car parks caused by the door’s opening of a neighbouring vehicle or the shopping trolley at the supermarket are responsible for the small marks on the bodywork which are unsightly and drastically reduce the value of the car. Zeocars offers a hail or small dent removal service quickly, with highly professional and cost-effective results.

Air conditioning refill
We provide a fast and professional service to refill your car’s air conditioner with a check for leaks.

3-year warranty on work performed
Zeocars offers a warranty on all labour and paint work performed because quality demands substance!